Write For The Reader

Success isn’t one person’s journey.  So this is my solicitation for contributors.  I would love to have you write for The Reader.  Yes, you…  The young professional who is reading this.  What’s your thing?  Music?  Fitness?  Education?  Finance?  Travel (personal or business)?  Fashion?  Art?  Entrepreneurship?  Law?  Grooming?  Health?  Sales?  Do you have a great book you read last month and think that it would benefit millennials?  Or do you just have a great/interesting/motivational story that folks need to here?  Whatever it is, please share.  Every Friday, I would love to have a different young professional/entrepreneur/creative/millennial use this platform to expand their reach, increase their exposure, and develop their brand.

So, if you would like to contribute to The Reader, here are the guidelines for submission:

– 300 – 2000 words (I prefer quality over quantity but I don’t want to restrict you from telling a great story)

– Must include a personal anecdote (I did x)

– Include takeaways (because I did x, I learned/gained/developed y)

– Include a headshot and 2-5 sentence bio with any required links (will be on the guest writers page indefinitely along w/ link{s} to your article{s})

-Feel free to attach any photos you would like posted as well.

That’s it! To submit, simply email your article in word format to DanielsDailyReader@gmail.com with the subject line “[ARTICLE SUBMISSION] xyz”

Thanks in advance for the great content.